Human Sized Camera

Hand built camera large enough to climb inside, 

generates photographic prints up to 64x30"

'Mirror Self Portrait from the Early Days of Photography'


Exhibition view from Graduate Scholarship Show 2015 at The University of Salford

In the University of Salford - Art Collection

Comission The University of Salford - Art Collection 2015

Allerton to New Adelphi

Digitally c-type prints from original silver gelatin paper negatives

3 prints made using the human sized camera

1 print made by converting a room into a large camera obscura

Allerton Studios,Hallway, Studios

each 64x30" C-Types

New Adelphi Taken By Allerton

45x90" C-Type


Commission for The University of Salford Graduation Ceremonies 2018

Large format photographic print made with the human sized camera

A copy of this print was included inside the scroll of all graduating students from The University of Salford in 2018.