Buried Universes

These pieces have been buried for 4-6 weeks. Left alone under decomposing leaves in a local green area. I was interested how the fungus and bacteria would start to decompose and alter the physicality of the paper. The water content has taken the paper from a flat piece to a 3 dimensional piece. The emulsion has been eaten away, the paper made thinner in parts. Chemical reactions have happened changing the colour of what emulsion is left, in parts impressing the shape of the skeleton of leaves, and embedding parts of the earth which have adhered themselves. The paper left is more object that just image. A sculptural image of the circular motion of our earth, dust to dust. The enlargements have been created in sections mirroring the collaging type manner that nasa used to create images from their telescopes. The colours change as the unfixed lumen changes as it is immortalised as a fixed image. The dust of the earth becomes the dust of the stars.