Co-Creation with the Environment

Co-creation with the Environment – research project in Wigan Flashes.  This is the work in progress for an environmental residency at Wigan Flashes commissioned by Open Eye Hub Wigan & Leigh.  Wigan flashes are an amazing and haunting example of the ways that humans have caused destruction through exploitation of the land.  This land is now being 'rewilded,' it is a post nature scene of beauty where we have destroyed the natural, and the non human living species have adapted to live and thrive.  The elements of the exploitation of the land are still present, particularly in such sites as Ochre Flash.  I'm currently using photographic paper to capture the elements of this place, leaving photographic paper for extended periods of time in the environment to imprint and effect the paper with the elements and life of this site.   I am looking to consider the flashes living community in all its forms and to examine the beauty of this post nature space.